Protect Your Pooch During Diwali: 8 Practical Tips for Pet Safety

Protect Your Pooch During Diwali: 8 Practical Tips for Pet Safety

Nov 10, 2023Sahil Kumar

Diwali is a festival of lights, joy, and prosperity for many people in India. However, for our furry friends, it can be a stressful and scary time. The loud noises, bright flashes, and smoke from firecrackers can cause anxiety, fear, and discomfort in many pets, especially dogs.  

Dogs have a much more sensitive hearing than humans, so they can perceive the sounds of fireworks as a threat to their safety. Some dogs may even try to run away from the noise or hide in a corner, while others may show signs of distress such as panting, drooling, trembling, or barking. 
We know you pet parents are already looking for ways to make sure that our pets are safe and happy during Diwali. We also want you to enjoy the festivities without worrying about your pets' well-being. That's why we have prepared some tips and tricks to help you protect and support your pets during this tough time. These tips and tricks will help you prepare yourself and your pets for the upcoming Diwali celebrations. 
Tip #1: Keep your pets indoors 
The best way to protect your pets from the noise and pollution of firecrackers is to keep them indoors in a familiar and comfortable room. Make sure that all the doors and windows are closed and the curtains are drawn to reduce the noise and light. You can also soundproof the room by using carpets, blankets, or pillows to cover the gaps and cracks. This will create a cozy and quiet environment for your pets. 

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Tip #2: Provide a safe space for your pets 


Some pets may feel more secure if they have a safe space where they can hide or relax. You can create a safe space for your pets by providing them with a crate, a bed, or a mat that they are used to. You can also add some toys, treats, or chew bones to keep them occupied and distracted. Make sure that the safe space is away from doors and windows and has enough ventilation and lighting. 
Tip #3: Stay with your pets or arrange for someone to be with them 
Your presence can make a big difference in calming your pets down during Diwali. Try to stay with your pets as much as possible or arrange for someone who knows them well to be with them. You can also play some soothing music or turn on the TV to mask the noise of firecrackers. You can also talk to your pets in a gentle and reassuring voice or pet them gently to comfort them. 

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Tip #4: Avoid taking your pets outside during peak hours 
If you need to take your pets outside for any reason, such as walking or feeding them, avoid doing so during peak hours when firecrackers are most likely to be bursted. Try to take your pets outside in the early morning or evening when it is quieter and less crowded. Also, make sure that your pets are wearing collars with identification tags or microchips in case they get lost or run away. 
Tip #5: Consult your vet for anti-anxiety medication 
If your pets have severe anxiety or phobia of loud noises, you may want to consult your vet for anti-anxiety medication that can help them cope better during Diwali. However, do not give your pets any medication without consulting your vet first, as some medications may have side effects or interactions with other drugs. Also, follow the dosage and instructions given by your vet carefully and monitor your pets' reactions. 

Tip #6: Keep your pets away from fire hazards 
Fireworks are not only noisy but also dangerous for your pets. They can cause burns, injuries, or even poisoning if ingested by your pets. Therefore, keep your pets away from fire hazards such as candles, diyas, sparklers, or firecrackers. Do not leave any fire items unattended or within reach of your pets. Also, dispose of any used or unused fire items safely and properly. 

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Tip #7: Do not feed your pets Diwali sweets 
Diwali sweets may look tempting and delicious to you, but they are not good for your pets. Many Diwali sweets contain ingredients such as sugar, chocolate, nuts, raisins, or milk products that can be harmful or toxic for your pets. They can cause digestive problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, or pancreatitis in your pets. They can also cause obesity or diabetes in the long run. Therefore, do not feed your pets any Diwali sweets or let them access any food items that are not meant for them. 
Tip #8: Show some kindness to stray animals 


While you are taking care of your own pets during Diwali, do not forget about the stray animals who also suffer from the noise and pollution of firecrackers. You can show some kindness to them by providing them with food and water. You can also offer them some shelter in your building or nearby area for a day or two during Diwali. This will help them feel safe and secure during the fireworks. 
We hope that these tips and tricks will help you and your pets have a safe and happy Diwali. Remember that your pets are part of your family and they deserve your love and care during this festive season. Happy Diwali to you and your furry friends! 

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