About us

We Are Petterati!

An Indian pet care brand that cares for your pets as much as you do. We are a team of passionate pet lovers who create products that are safe, effective, and respectful of your pets’ well-being.

We offer pet-safe products that not only helps you create a perfect grooming routine, but also a safe and hygienic environment for your pets to help them lead a happy & healthy life.

Our Story

Petterati, founded in 2021 by Amudha, a passionate pet parent who aims to provide the best care possible for every pet in India.

Recognizing that pets have unique needs & requirements that differ from humans, Petterati offers premium pet care products with pet-safe formulations, filling a gap in the Indian market for high-quality, affordable pet care.

Why choose Pet-safe formulation?

Animals instinctively lick to clean & groom themselves often. That's why our grooming range is free from harmful ingredients like sulphates, parabens, & gluten, which can be detrimental to pets in several ways.

They also have sensitive skin & strong sense of smell, so our hygiene products are free from cheap disinfectants like BKC, alcohol, bleach etc. We also use IFRA certified pet-friendly fragrance notes in all our products—mild on their noses and pleasant on yours.

Why Petterati?

In India, as awareness about pet health & wellbeing grows, the demand for top-notch pet care products is growing. No more settling for subpar imports as pets deserves the best!

Petterati is at the forefront of this transformation!

Our products are meticulously crafted with:

  • Insights from veterinarians
  • Rigorous testing in our labs by our R&D team

Petterati is part of the CavinKare family, a trusted FMCG company in India. Unlike other brands, we handle every step, from research to formulation to packaging, ensuring you get the best pet products.

At Petterati, we value honesty, quality, innovation, and compassion and that is why we are always open to feedback and suggestions from pet parents and vets to improve our brand and products.

Please reach out to us for any feedback or suggestions: petterati@cavinkare.com.