What is A Pet-Safe Floor Cleaner?

What is A Pet-Safe Floor Cleaner?

Mar 14, 2023Admin

Pet-safe and pet-friendly floor cleaners are predominantly made with natural ingredients or avoid harmful ingredients like bleach, alcohol, ammonia and BKC which in any way affect the health of the pets. These type of floor cleaners do not emit strong fumes or odour that are disturbing and harmful to both you and your pets. Besides, they are also capable of cleaning and disinfecting the floor effectively.
More reasons on why using a pet safe floor cleaner without harmful chemicals is important:

  • Chemicals such as Bleach and BKC also cause a negative impact on the environment. So, using pet-friendly floor cleaners also mean you are reducing environmental impact by contributing towards a cleaner and healthier planet.
  • Pets especially puppies and kittens can be very curious, so there are more chances for them to accidentally ingest the residual water that gets pooled after cleaning the floor. Using a pet-friendly floor cleaner helps to avoid this sort of accident.
  • In general, all the harsh chemicals used in floor cleaners are also harmful to humans, especially when you inhale the fumes released by these cleaners for a long period. So, using pet-friendly cleaners can make the home not only healthier for the pets but also for the entire family.

Are the regular floor cleaners unsafe for pets?

First and foremost, when it comes to your pet, you need to remember that they are smaller than an average human being which also means they are close in contact with the floor. Besides, it’s not just their paws that come in contact with the floor, but also their skin and fur. Sometimes, dogs also tend to lick the floors. 

The generic floor cleaners you use predominantly contain harsh chemicals such as bleach and alcohol. These chemicals not only cause skin irritation or rashes but also, when ingested its toxicity may affect the pet’s gastro-intestinal health. Inhaling the fumes released by these chemicals for a longer period is also capable of causing organ damage to your pets. And that is why while choosing an appropriate floor cleaning solution it is also important to check if the ingredients are safe to your pets.

Petterati Pet Safe Floor Cleaner!

The floor is your first point of contact as soon as you wake up. From playing around to sleeping, it is also where your pets spend most of their time too. When you have a pet in your house, it is natural that your floors get a bit messier, which can make it even more tedious for you to clean them up. As a pet owner, cleaning is not the only area that you need to worry about while buying a floor cleaner as it is also important to consider if your floor cleaner is pet safe. 

What makes Petterati Floor Cleaner pet safe?

Petterati Floor cleaner comes with a CHG (Chlorohexidine) based formulation which is proven to kill 99.9% germs with its antiseptic and disinfectant properties that are safe for pets. Our FDA-approved floor cleaner is also free from several harmful chemicals such as BKC, Alcohol, Acid & Bleach, making it the first-floor cleaner that is safe for both cats and dogs. Additionally, the floor cleaner also comes in two IFRA-certified fragrances – Pine & Citrus, will leave a fresh and calming fragrance throughout your home.

How to use Petterati Pet Safe Floor Cleaner?

  • Dilute 1 cap of floor cleaner in 4 litres / half a bucket of water
  • Make sure to mix well until the solution completely dissolves in water
  • Gently mop the surface and the area with more visible stains
  • Let it dry


    In conclusion, using a pet safe floor cleaner without harmful chemicals is important for the health and safety of both our pets and our environment. By making this small change, we can create a safer, healthier home for our furry friends and ourselves.

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