Petterati Air Freshener

Petterati Air Freshener

Mar 14, 2023Admin Petterati

If you're a pet owner, you know that naturally, pets can leave behind some odours in your home or car which can be unpleasant to you or guests who visit your home. To tackle situations like this, Petterati air freshener comes in handy as it is designed to fight & neutralize pet odours.  

What is Petterati Air Freshener? 

Petterati Air Freshener is a specially formulated air freshener that is designed to neutralize pet odours in different spaces such as home, office and car. It contains ingredients that work together to eliminate pet odours, rather than simply masking them. It consists of ingredients such as Zinador which effectively helps in neutralizing the odour molecules rather than simply masking them, leaving the entire space with the uplifting fragrance. Petterati Air Freshener is effective against a wide range of pet odours, including urine, faeces, and general pet odours. 

How to use Petterati Air Freshener? 

  • Gently shake the can, hold it upright and press down firmly on the nozzle and spray in a sweeping motion.  

  • Spray as required for maximum coverage.  

  • Do not spray directly on your pets.  

  • Our Air Freshener comes in an easy-to-use aerosol can, with an easy push and spray mechanism designed for your convenience.  

  • Our proprietary spray nozzle ensures even and wide dispersion, leaving every inch of your room smelling fresh. 

How often should I use Petterati Air Freshener? 

The frequency with which you should use Petterati Air Freshener will depend on how many pets you have and how strong the pet odours are in your home. In general, it's a good idea to use Petterati Air Freshener regularly to keep pet odours under control. This can be done on a daily or weekly basis. 

In conclusion, Petterati Air Freshener is an effective and safe solution for eliminating pet odours in your home, office to cars and kennels.  

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