Petterati Pet Sanitizer: A Must-Have In Every Pet Owner’s Shelf

Petterati Pet Sanitizer: A Must-Have In Every Pet Owner’s Shelf

Mar 14, 2023Admin Petterati
Every pet owner has an immense responsibility to think on behalf of their furry friends. In today’s world, it is not only you who are always under the threat of diseases and infections but also your pets. On a day-to-day basis, your pets get exposed to numerous germs, bacteria and viruses that can affect their well-being and quality of life.

Due to the pandemic, the significant role of hand sanitizers in protecting yourself from contamination by harmful viruses and germs has come to light.

What about your pets? How do you protect them from the harm of unnoticeable germs and viruses? Now, that is where Pet Sanitizer comes into the picture as a must-have item in every pet owner’s arsenal.

What is Pet Sanitizer?

Pet Sanitizer is a product similar to the regular hand sanitizers you use, instead, it is specifically designed to clean and sanitize your pets' fur. It is undeniable that pets are different from humans in many ways. And that is why pet sanitizers are formulated with ingredients that are highly effective as well as gentle on your pet’s skin.

When to use Pet Sanitizer?

Pets are naturally curious and playful beings, so whether you take them for a walk or let them play with other pets in a park, there are more chances for several active germs to get into their furs, paws and nails. So, to avoid this from happening, it is always suggested to use a pet sanitizer before taking your pets out and after coming home after a walk. Moreover, the portable design of the pet sanitizer also makes it easy to carry whenever or wherever you travel with your four-legged pal.

What is Petterati Pet Sanitizer?

In general, sanitizers come with a solution that is designed to disinfect germs and sanitize through alcohol-based formulas with active chemicals like Benzalkonium Chloride (BKC) or Benzethonium Chloride that are effective in killing germs and bacteria. Unfortunately, studies have shown that these chemicals are harmful to our furry friends. 

But, Petterati Pet Sanitizers, unlike these regular sanitizers are solely created for pets and are approved by FDA. Its BKC-free and Alcohol-free formulation acts as a shield for our furry friends. It kills 99.9% of germs without compromising the well-being of your dogs and cats. Not just that, Petterati Pet Sanitizers are also made with natural ingredients such as Aloe and Vitamin E that are proven to be completely safe and gentle on your pet’s skin. By coming in 2 IFRA-certified fragrances - floral and lavender, the sanitizer also tends to remove unpleasant odours from a pet’s fur and leaves out a pleasant scent that lasts long.

How to use Pet Sanitizers?

Using Petterati Pet Sanitizers is simple. With the spraying formula, it could hardly take a minute or two to apply it on pets. 

  • Simply spray the sanitizer on your pet's paws, fur and skin, massage it gently and lastly makes sure to wipe it off with a tissue. 
  • Avoid spraying in sensitive areas such as the eyes, nose, and mouth as well as broken skin. 

By being free from harsh chemicals and with its mild fragrance, with Petterati Pet Sanitizer, no infectious disease-causing germs in your surroundings can stand a chance of harming your pawsome and purrsome companions. With no worries, take your pets wherever you go and let Petterati Pet Sanitizer to take care of your pet's hygiene.

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