Dog Hair fall Shampoo with Conditioner 400 ml | Sulphate & Paraben Free

Do you want to give your hairy dog a fluffy and shiny coat without any excessive hair fall?

If yes, then you need Petterati Dog Hair fall Shampoo with Conditioner, an effective solution for your dog's Hair fall problem.

Suitable for all breeds including Golden Retriever, Labrador, Shih Tzu, German Shepherd, Pomeranian etc.


Jojoba Oil, Nettle Extract, Shea Butter


1. Unclog Fur Follicles

2. Prevent Dryness

3. Promotes Fur Regrowth

4. Enhances Elasticity & Shine


Step 1: Wet Your Dog's Coat With Water

Step 2: Apply A Liberal Quantity Of Dog Hair Fall Control Shampoo & Massage Thoroughly

Step 3: Rinse Off With Lukewarm Water

Step 4:Towel Dry & Brush The Coat

Avoid Eye & Other Sensitive Areas


1. Vet Approved

2. Sulphate-Free

3. Paraben-Free

4. Gluten-Free

5. Pet-Friendly Fragrance

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How can I control my dogs hair loss?

Use Petterati Hair Fall control shampoo. This will help you to instantly reduce hair fall in your dogs. It comes with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Nettle extract, which works together as an anti-shedding formula.

What shampoo is good for dog hair?

Petterati Hairfall Control Dog Shampoo is an ideal choice, enriched with natural actives like Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil & Nettle extract which reduces the hair fall for dogs with every wash. pH-balanced and free from harsh chemicals, it ensures a healthy and shiny coat. Suitable for all breeds, it provides gentle yet effective care for your dog's hair. Its formula promotes fur regeneration and maintains coat health, making it perfect for dog hair maintenance.

How often should I use the dog hair fall shampoo?

Use Petterati Hair Fall Control Dog Shampoo weekly once or once in every two weeks for best results. Adjust the frequency based on your dog's shedding severity and coat type. Its gentle formula is suitable for regular use without causing dryness or irritation. Safe for puppies and all breeds, it effectively manages hair loss with consistent use.

Can I use this Dog Hair fall shampoo on puppies?

Petterati Hair Fall Control Dog Shampoo is not suitable for puppies; it is formulated specifically for adult dogs. While it effectively manages hair loss in adult dogs, it may not be suitable for the delicate skin of puppies. For puppies, it's essential to use a shampoo specifically designed for their needs to ensure gentle care and
promote healthy coat development.

Will the Petterati Hair Fall Control Shampoo help with excessive shedding in my dog?

Yes, Petterati Hair Fall Control Dog Shampoo is designed to reduce excessive shedding effectively. Its formula unclogs follicles, prevents dryness, and promotes fur regeneration. Suitable for all breeds, it enhances coat elasticity and shine,
minimizing shedding. Use regularly to see noticeable improvements in shedding and overall coat health.

Is this Hair Fall Shampoo suitable for all dog breeds?

Yes, Petterati Shed Control Dog Shampoo is suitable for all breeds. Its gentle formula nourishes the skin and coat without irritating it and reduces hair fall in dogs. Whether your dog is a Golden Retriever, Labrador, Shih Tzu, or German Shepherd, it's safe
and effective. Use regularly to maintain a healthy and shiny coat for dogs of all breeds.

How long will it take to see results after using the hair fall shampoo for dogs?

Results may vary, but with regular use of Petterati Shed Control Dog Shampoo, improvements can be seen over time. Depending on your dog's condition and shedding severity, noticeable results may appear within a few weeks. Consistent use as directed will lead to healthier, shinier, and less shedding coats. Its nourishing formula promotes fur regeneration and enhances coat elasticity, ensuring long-term benefits.

Will this shampoo help with controlling dandruff as well?

No, for effective dandruff control, consider Petterati Dandruff & Itch Control Dog Shampoo. Formulated specifically to address dandruff and itching, it contains soothing ingredients like tea tree oil and oatmeal. Regular use hydrates the skin, reduces flakes,
and promotes a healthy coat. Suitable for all breeds, it's an ideal choice for managing dandruff and maintaining overall skin health.

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