Dry Shampoo for Dogs without Sulphates and parabens - 400ml

Petterati Dry Shampoo for Dogs is a convenient spray formula designed to cleanse and moisturize your furry friend's coat without the hassle of water or rinsing. It contains a blend of green apple, Manuka honey, and oats, offering several benefits for your pet:

Green Apple: Helps to refresh and invigorate the coat, leaving a pleasant scent that lasts.

Manuka Honey: Famed for its moisturizing benefits, Manuka honey effectively hydrates and nurtures your dog's skin and fur, encouraging a glossy and healthy coat.

Oats: With their soothing properties, oats are exceptionally gentle on the skin, making them a perfect choice for dogs with sensitivity or irritation. They work wonders in alleviating itching and soothing dryness, providing much-needed relief.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
What is Petterati Cleansing & Moisturising dry Shampoo?

Petterati Dry Shampoo for dogs is made with oatmeal, manuka honey, and green apple. It cleans and moisturizes your dog's coat, promoting healthier skin. Plus, it's sulfate and paraben-free. Perfect for quick cleaning between baths, it leaves your pet smelling fresh and feeling great. Petterati's dry shampoo ensures your pet is clean, refreshed, and nourished, all without any harmful additives.

How to use Petterati Cleansing & Moisturising dry Shampoo?

To use Dry Shampoo, just spray it on your dog's fur and then wipe it off with a towel. It's easy to do and perfect for cleaning your dog regularly or when you're traveling together. It works for all kinds of dogs and fur, so you can keep your pet clean and fresh without any hassle.

Why choose Petterati Cleansing & Moisturising dry Shampoo?

Petterati Cleansing & Moisturising Dry Shampoo is a safe and gentle product for your dog’s skin and fur. It is gluten-free, pH optimized, paraben free, has IFRA certified pet friendly fragrance and its FDA Approved. It soothes inflammation, and nourishes and moisturises dry skin. It gives your dog the best care possible.

What is dog dry shampoo?

Dog dry shampoo is a product that can clean your dog’s coat and skin without
using water. It usually comes in the form of a spray, foam, powder, or wipe that you
can apply to your dog’s fur and rub or brush through. It can help to remove dirt, oil,
odour, and bacteria from your dog’s coat.

Why use dog dry shampoo?

Dog dry shampoo is a convenient alternative when water or traditional bathing isn't practical. It's ideal for dogs averse to water or those with mobility issues. Dry shampoo provides a quick and effective solution for touch-ups between baths, keeping your dog clean and fresh. Additionally, it's a valuable tool for busy pet owners or during travel when a full bath may not be feasible.

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