Petterati Paws & Spaces Duo: Pet-Friendly Floral Air Freshener (250ml) + Waterless Bliss for Dogs, Dog Shampoo (400ml) | Everyday Pet Care Essentials for Homes

Now you can best of both your pet and surrounding with Petterati Waterless Shampoo & Air Freshener Combo.  Petterati Cleansing & Moisturizing Waterless Shampoo is an easy spray shampoo that cleans and moisturizes your dog’s coat without the need for water or rinsing. Also known as dry shampoo.

Ingredients: OATMEAL, MANUKA HONEY & GREEN APPLE work together to help relieve itching, irritation and allergies. Easy and Convenient to use: Just spray on your dog’s coat and wipe off with a towel. Ideal for regular cleaning or comes handy when travelling with your dog.
Petterati shampoo is suitable for all breeds and coat types. Give your dog the best care possible.  Petterati Air Freshener Floral, specially formulated to fight and neutralize pet odor.

Simply spray into the air, avoiding contact with your pet, and enjoy the fresh fragrance that instantly covers the room. Pet Odor Neutralizer >Specially formulated to fight and neutralize unwanted pet odors in your home, office and cars. Keep your surroundings smelling fresh and odor free.
Pet focused fragrance > Carefully selected fragrance keeping your pet in mind, with floral notes that keep your surroundings smelling fresh and pleasant.
Long Lasting Fragrance > Create a relaxing ambiance in every corner of your home for you and your pet with our mild, long-lasting, and refreshing fragrance! Don’t let unwanted pet odors ruin your day.
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Good dry shampoo. Green apple fragrance is nice!

Very refreshing fragrance and easy to handle bottle.. Does not foam like regular shampoo so I was not sure about the effectiveness.. but after wiping coat looks clean. Not a replacement for usual water bath but.

Must have product for pet owners

I love this product. My apartment smells great all day. Happy that this fragrance is safe for pets. My Rottweiler is a farty boi :) So this air freshner helps cover up the odour easily.

Value for money

Value for money, have a good scent and works wonder on my dog as he is scratching less after first use and gives clean and fresh look on his coat

Good shampoo for long coat

I used this shampoo for my maltese pet and loved the product! It has a very nice strong fragrance and has made his coat really soft once dried. I have noticed the knots have also reduced. I would definitely recommend this for any long coat breeds.

Good products at value for money

Its been 3 days since I used this shampoo for my long coat pet. It has good aroma, washes well and conditions well. After 3 days, my pet's coat still feel very soft and fresh. Much better that the earlier one I used. Air Freshener I had already purchased few months back. Bought again for keeping it in my car. Fragrance is nice. The fragrance does not irritate his nose.