How to Train Your Dog to Drop an Object: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Train Your Dog to Drop an Object: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jul 18, 2023Admin Petterati
Does your dog have a habit of picking up your stuff and not letting go without a struggle? Are you always worried that your dog picking up something dangerous or harmful and not releasing it? If so, you might want to teach your dog the "drop it" command. Now, grab your pup's favourite toy and treats, we will tell you how to train your dog to drop an object by practising these 6 easy steps.

Is Training the "Drop It" command to my dog necessary?

Teaching your dog to drop an object on command is not only essential for their safety, but it also develops favourable behaviour. This is a useful and potentially lifesaving skill that can help you get your dog to drop anything on cue. You can also show off a bit!

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What Should I Need To Have Before Training My Dog?

Before diving into training your dog to drop an object, it's crucial to build a strong foundation of trust and establish a positive association with the training process. Take them to a safe and calm environment, free from any distractions, where you and your dog can focus on learning this trick together.

To teach your dog to drop an object, you will need:

  • A dog toy that your dog loves
  • Some tasty treats that your dog loves more
  • A clicker (optional but helpful)
  • A treat pouch (optional but convenient)

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6 Easy Steps To Train Your Dog To Drop Objects:

Step 1: Start with the "Leave It" Command

Before you start to train your dog to drop an object, start by teaching the "leave it" command. Begin by holding a treat in your closed hand and giving it to your dog. As they try to investigate or reach out their paw at your hand, firmly say "Leave it" and wait for a brief moment. As soon as they stop trying to get the treat, reward them with a treat from your other hand. Repeat this process until your dog consistently responds to the "leave it" command.

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Step 2: Offer the Toy

Once your dog has a clear understanding of the "leave it" command, it's time to introduce it to the "drop" command. First things first, get your dog interested in one of the toys. You can do this by holding it in front of your dog, wiggling it around, or playing a short game of tug. As soon as your dog grabs the toy with its mouth, its time for you to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Offer a Treat

give your dog a treat to let go of the object
Now, that you have successfully made your dog get the toy in their mouth, you need to give them a reason to let go of it. This is when you can trick it with its favourite treat. Hold a treat near your dog's nose and wait for it to drop the toy. As soon as it does, click the clicker or say "yes" and give it the treat. Repeat this step several times until your dog drops the toy every time it sees the treat.

Step 4: Add the Verbal Cue

Once your dog is reliably dropping the toy for a treat, you can start adding the verbal cue. Say "drop it" right after you give them the toy, but before you show them the treat. Then follow the same procedure as before: wait for them to drop the toy, click or say "yes", and give them the treat. Practice this step until your dog associates the word "drop it" with the action of dropping the toy. Yes! you need some patience here.

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Step 5: Fade Out the Treats

Now that your dog knows what "drop it" means, you can start fading out the treats. Instead of showing them the treat before they drop the toy, say "Drop it" and wait for it to do it on its own. If it does, click or say "yes" and give it the treat. If it doesn't, show your dog the treat and try again. Say "drop" in a clear and authoritative tone. Gradually reduce the number of times you show the treat until it drops the toy on command without seeing it first.

Step 6: Mix It Up

Train your dog at the park, during walks, or at your friends' houses
Now the 6th most important step is to practice the command in different situations and objects. Try using different toys, different treats, different locations, and different distractions. Train with them at the park, during walks, or at your friends' houses. This will help your dog understand that dropping an object is expected behaviour, regardless of the circumstances. The more you practice, the more reliable your dog will be at dropping anything on cue.

With enough time and practice, your dog will master dropping objects on command, making your life and theirs much easier. By being a supporting and patient trainer, you can eventually put an end to the thug-of-war you have with your dog every day.


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